Methodology of science

It is the description of the strategy, which contains all the steps and procedures adopted to carry out the research and achieve the objectives, link to – website.

It is at this point that the options and adjustments for the type of research and its stages (problem, hypothesis, procedure, results, analysis and conclusion) must be made.

Then a detailed description must be made of how the research will be carried out (how the data will be collected, questionnaires, interviews, samples, etc.) and how the data obtained will be analyzed.

It must include the program, the necessary resources and the evaluation.

Field Notebook

The field notebook is an essential tool for the success and credibility of scientific research. The field notebook should contain a detailed record of the information, observations and reflections that arise throughout the investigation.

It is the daily record of everything related to the subject studied: dates, bibliography data, addresses, transcriptions of book summaries, journals, visits, conversations with researchers, opinions of the counselor, etc.


The summary is a mandatory element filled in the online registration of the project, in a specific space and can be changed until 01/10/19. It is used for the evaluation of the project, it must be written by the author himself in a concise, objective way and must contain:

a) the objective of the project;

b) the procedures used;

c) observations / data / results;

d) the conclusions / applications.

e) the keywords.

The content of the summary must exclusively include the project developed in the year preceding the fair, be prepared in a single paragraph and have between 250 and 500 words.

Keywords: terms that represent the theme, highlighting the main ideas of the project.

The abstracts of the finalist projects of the Mostratec are published after the end of the fair. The organization and publication are the responsibility of the organizing committee of the event. The format and content of the abstracts are the responsibility of their authors.

Clues to a good summary

– Concentrate only on the investigation of the current year, when it is a continuation project.

– Exclude any name of mentors, counselors or supervisors and institutions.

– Skip details and discussions.

– Use the verb in the past to describe the actions performed.

– Use short phrases, but vary the structure of the phrase.

– Use complete sentences (do not abbreviate omitting articles or other small words, to save space).

– Use an appropriate scientific language.

– Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and concordance.

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