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Research Plan

Research with humans Detail all procedures, include what was requested to the research participants. Describe the Risk Assessment and how they will be minimized. Describe the sample (participants of the research) studied: Number of participants and general data of the participants (may include information such as: age, schooling, sex, socioeconomic status, etc.) Recruitment process (where and how the participants were recruited) Procedures for obtaining consent (if any). Include how you informed potential participants about the voluntary nature of participation and about the right to withdraw […]


Methodology of science It is the description of the strategy, which contains all the steps and procedures adopted to carry out the research and achieve the objectives, link to – website. It is at this point that the options and adjustments for the type of research and its stages (problem, hypothesis, procedure, results, analysis and conclusion) must be made. Then a detailed description must be made of how the research will be carried out (how the data will be collected, questionnaires, interviews, samples, etc.) […]

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